Café Los Altos Chiapas

Café Los Altos Chiapas

Sourced directly from the indigenous communities of "Los Altos Chiapas" a mainly indigenous zone difficult to access due to its geographic location. Similarly to other regions within Chiapas' state, this coffee embodies sustainability, from a social and harvesting practices perspective.

it is socially responsible because the coffee is harvested by the "Tzeltales" & "Tzotziles", regional ethnic groups, that comprise of the old mayan culture; at the present time they continue conserving their language, customs and traditions, which give sustenance to their culture and identity. Harvesting coffee is an important economical activity for these ethnic groups.

It can be highlighted their sustainable practices, as part of their indigenous heritage, because traditionally they are convinced that the use of chemical pesticides is an act of disrespect towards the mother earth, resulting in a genuine dissemination of organic harvesting practices and the execution of smallholder compensation systems, in this way they guarantee sustainability and keep track of quality per smallholder.

This balanced coffee offers you pleasant acidic taste with flavour notes of red fruit and almond. Be surprise by its astonishing aroma denoting sparks of dark chocolate.


Chiapas, Mexico
Medium-High Body
1000 g
Flavour Note
Round Body denoting dark chocolate and a pleasant dry red fruits aftertaste
Espresso Machine, French Press, Chemex & V60
Benefited Families 10
Process Organic Washed
Café Los Altos Chiapas

Café Los Altos Chiapas

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