Café Huatusco

Café Huatusco

Born in Veracruz, this coffee holds the protected Appellation of Origin (AO) distinction of “Café Veracruz.” The technical expertise of the people from the region and the geographical environment produces a coffee with high acidity due to the fertile conditions of the soil.

The coffee growers of the region hold a legacy in coffee productions techniques, and some coffee growers compete every year in the Cup of Excellence™, Mexico, confirming the intensity found in the body of this coffee. Some sensory properties found in the coffee from this region are floral notes and almond's aftertaste.


Veracruz, Mexico
1000 g
Flavour note
Floral flavour with notes of caramel, and almond
Machine  Espresso Machine, French Press and Other Filter Methods
Benefited Families 5
Process Washed
Café Huatusco

Café Huatusco

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Flower Huatusco

RÉÉ Veracruz

Traditionally, Veracruz is known as the place where the coffee grows because of its volcanic and fertile soil. It offers you balanced and highly aromatic coffee beans with refined floral to fresh citric flavour notes . . .