Café Pluma de Oaxaca

Café Pluma de Oaxaca

"Café Pluma de Oaxaca" brings to light a special taste.

Refreshing winds, originating from the Pacific Ocean, create an optimal climate for growing coffee beans in the Sierra Sur Mountains, giving uniqueness and sophistication to this coffee.

Due to the sustainable practices and fair compensation systems provided by the cooperatives to the farmers in Oaxaca, the coveted “Pluma-Typica” plant variety is preserved in our coffee beans. Creaminess, mellow aromas, sweetness and balanced acidity define this truly special coffee.

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Oaxaca, Mexico
Medium Light Body
10 Capsules of 5,2 g each
Flavour note
Creamy flavour with spicy notes and interesting apricot, dried plum and caramel taste

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Café Pluma de Oaxaca

Café Pluma de Oaxaca

Pluma de oaxaca Capsules
Flower Pluma Oaxaca

RÉÉ Oaxaca

Expect both delicious sweetness and pristine, fruity and creamy coffee flavors sourced from the unique micro-ecosystems found in Oaxaca’s coffee-growing regions . . .