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RÉÉ Chiapas

RÉÉ Chiapas

Thanks to the biodiversity and natural richness found in Chiapas’ jungles, the passion, intensity and exotic flavours of the region are delighted in your coffee cup. The flavour profile ranges from chocolatey, nutty and cocoa notes to surprisingly floral, fruity and citrusy. . .

Café Sierra Madre Especial
Café Sierra Madre Especial

Café Sierra Madre Especial

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Complex fruitless and balanced flavour with sweet cherry notes  and red fruits.

Reserva del Ocote
Coffee Type
1650 m.a.s.l.
 Producers Soc. Coop. Unión de Ejidos
Benefited families 32
Process Natural
Certificate Organic 


The coffee “Sierra Madre Chiapas” originates from the surroundings of the UNESCO-protected natural reserve biosphere called “El Ocote”. The cooperative is regarded as the benchmark for sustainable harvesting practices because the smallholders prioritise quality and conservation of the regional biodiversity. Consequently, fresh, fruity and sweet flavours vibrantly emerge in every cup.

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