Café Reserva Maragogype

Café Reserva Maragogype

The smallholders harvesting coffee in the natural biosphere "Reserva el Triunfo” use plant varieties from the Bourbon-Typica group. Some  of these plants have naturally mutated into a coffee variety called “Maragogype”, known also as “Elephant Bean”.

Mexico is one of the few countries harvesting this coffee organically. Our Reserva Maragogype coffee is special not only because of the uncommonly large size of its beans, but because of its smooth and citrusy flavour profile, complimented by the traditional chocolatey aftertaste of the region.


Chiapas, Mexico
Medium Body
250 g
Flavour note
Smooth sophisticated flavours with fruity citric notes and chocolatey aftertaste
Machine  Espresso Machine, Siphon, V60, Chemex & French Press
Benefited Families 130
Process Organic Washed
Café Reserva Maragogype

Café Reserva Maragogype

Reservas Montana Capsules
Flower Maragogype

RÉÉ Chiapas

Thanks to the biodiversity and natural richness found in Chiapas’ jungles, the passion, intensity and exotic flavours of the region are delighted in your coffee cup. The flavour profile ranges from chocolatey, nutty and cocoa notes to surprisingly floral, fruity and citrusy. . .