Café Reserva "El Triunfo"

Café Reserva "El Triunfo"

Sourced directly from the natural, protected reserve “El Triunfo”, this coffee embodies sustainability and quality. The sustainable harvesting practices and its smallholder compensation system of the cooperative cultivate national pride for the region within Mexico. Therefore, expect quality in every cup.

The chocolatey aftertaste combined with citric and floral notes will tease your palate to the point of craving one more delicious cup.


Chiapas, Mexico
Medium-Light Body
1000 g
Flavour note
Dark chocolate, sugar cane and green apple flavours
Machine  Automised Espresso Machine, V60 & French Press
Benefited Families 47
Process Organic Washed
Café Reserva "El Triunfo"

Café Reserva "El Triunfo"

Reservas Montana Capsules
Flower Reserva el triunfo

RÉÉ Chiapas

Thanks to the biodiversity and natural richness found in Chiapas’ jungles, the passion, intensity and exotic flavours of the region are delighted in your coffee cup. The flavour profile ranges from chocolatey, nutty and cocoa notes to surprisingly floral, fruity and citrusy. . .